Carolina Barbecue Sauce

Everyone loves barbecue and that means barbecue sauce too!
Despite its huge appeal, one question still remains: Where Does Barbecue Sauce Originate?


A lot of Americans are not aware of it, but there is a very long history behind barbecue sauces coming from the Carolina's.

As my research shows, when most American's speak about barbecue sauce; among the 4 favorite and preferred kinds of barbecue sauce (vinegar and pepper, mustard, light tomato, and heavy tomato) she or he is mostly referring to a sauce that typically originates from either North or South Carolina.

North Carolinian's utilize three of these sauces, and South Carolinian's utilize all 4.

The very first, and easiest, of the these sauces is the vinegar and pepper based sauce. All this sauce contains is vinegar and red pepper flakes; which are soaked in it.

No one really knows where this particular sauce originates from, however this is one of the favorite sauces used by countless individuals up and down the Carolina coast.

The 2nd sauce in this group is the mustard based sauce. This one is unique to South Carolina and has actually become THE conclusive barbecue sauce of South Carolina.

The 3rd sauce; the light tomato sauce is a basic sauce made by combining all three; vinegar, pepper and Ketchup.

This sauce was initially prepared and dates back to the early 1900's, and it quickly became the preferred sauce of those who wanted a bit more of a sweet taste to their bbq sauce.

Americans love this specific type of sauce and slather it over all their grilled foods. Barbecue would just not be the same without this delicious tomato based sauce!

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